Cause of Ice Ages

There has been many Ice Ages and warm periods in the Earth's history.

There has been another alternation too, the polar wandering.

The paleomagnetic findings show that the North Pole has changed location several times. Charles H. Hapgood placed the last North Pole in Hudson Bay at Belcher Islands. The present co-ordinates are 56.2N80W, 33.80 from the North Pole.

Evidently there is an interconnection between these two chains of events. This can be presented with a mathematical ellipsoid picturing the Earth.

Figure1. Ellipsoid of rotation

In the figure 1 there is a mathematical ellipsoid of rotation G. It rotates about an axis N-S. It is constant, like the axis of rotation N-S. Its surface is the zero surface. Let's give it the values of the Earth. The altitude is zero all around it. Ellipsoid G' is the real Earth.In the beginning these two ellipsoids are identical. Then the globe G' turns an angle = 33.8 o about the center of gravity to a position N'-S'. The ellipsoid G' continues to rotate about the axis N-S. The globe G' is no longer an ellipsoid. The moved equatorial bulge has lifted the surface of the Earth in two regions and has sunk it in two other regions. The Earth G' differs now from the mathematical ellipsoid by an amount e (figure 1).

Below the calculations for Bogota' as an example.

Result: Bogota' sank 8 km below sealevel. Figure 2 shows the changes in altitudes.

Figure 2. The changes in altitudes

The Ice Ages

The turning of the Earth lifts the surface more than 5000 m in Asia, Europe and South America causing there an Ice Age. At the places 61.78N100E and 61.78S80W the surface of the Earth rose 11.95 km. The surface sank in North America and Aus-tralia -11.95 km at the places 28N80W and 28S100E.

Every turn of the axis of rotation causes an Ice Age

Figure 3. The magma flows along the flow paths

The transition of continents

The gravitation shapes the Earth toward the mathematical ellipsoid of rotation. Magma flows from every point of the Earth to the adjacent point because it has the highest difference in potential. The magma flows along the flow paths (figure 3). The continents move with the magma. The active force is the gravitation. There is no need for any fictitious convection force. The difference in altitudes decreases. The Ice Age comes to an end.

Interglacial warmth period

When the Earth turned so that Belcher Islands were at the North Pole 90N, the longi-tude of a place was its distance from Belcher Islands measured with longitudes. The longitude of Finland at that time was about 56N instead of today's of 6400'N. Siberia was a subtropical and tropical area. The equator ran through Turkestan. North America was covered by Polar ice.
Then Belcher Islands moved to its present place. This caused a new Ice Age, the last one. After that came the warm period we are living in. This is an ongoing process that will restart.

Historical proof: the mammoth of Beresovka

Russians have found a carcass of a mammoth at Beresovka in Siberia. It was well preserved; even the flesh was left. The mammoth had suffocated. It had pollen of a globeflower in the mouth, hence it had in early summer grazed in a field and sudden-ly suffocated. The carcass was not decayed although it was summer. The only logical explanation is that it froze immediately, when it suddenly was lifted to an altitude over 5000 m, when the Earth's surface lifted.

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Heikki Ruohonen
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